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Brevard TAASC Memberships are all inclusive at $150/mo. Once a member of TAASC, students can enjoy weekly meetings with their peers and weekend trips that go out monthly.

Weekly meetings include either an interpersonal skills lesson or a technical skills lesson -- with some free play of course! This gives students an opportunity to hone in skills they will use on weekend trips. 


Weekend trips, either day trips or overnight trips, are a time for students to use the skills that they have practiced and spend time becoming closer with nature. Adventure is a big focus in TAASC, although TAASC students are taught to be true stewards of the outdoors and leave the areas we enjoy looking better than before we got there. We will lead multiple service projects over the course of the year as well. Typically, with an outdoor focus.

TAASC programming is set up as a series of building blocks to allow students to find their passions and progress on whatever path they wish to peruse. This being said, engagement is very important to ensure that students can take full advantage of what TAASC has to offer. Ideally, a student will maintain a minimum of 75% engagement throughout the year to ensure they are progressing through the TAASC curriculum. This is especially important for our more advanced expeditions out to the High Sierra's, Yukon, and other summer adventures. 


Join us for our Prospective Members Day!

This event will be held on Decemeber 13th at 6:00 PM. Upon registration, we will send you the location.

Thanks for registering!

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