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Founded by Mike Fischesser in 1996 in Morganton, NC, The American Adventure Service Corps began as an experiment in a new type of program design to partially address the needs of young people utilizing the theme of outdoor adventure and service to others.


Mike's background includes being a Program Director for North Carolina Outward Bound School, and Director of the National Training Institute, and National Coordinator for Programs and Safety for Outward Bound USA. From 1989-99, he was the founder and owner of Alpine Towers Inc., one of the most accomplished challenge course companies in the world.


In the winter of 2005, Mike contacted legendary Outward Bound instructors Beth Hockman and Greg Gillett as to their availability and interest in TAASC. They jumped at the opportunity to move to Asheville and recruit youth members and families to join. Mike raised funds to develop the program and Beth and Greg did it. By May of 2005 partnerships with Evergreen Community Charter School and Carolina Day School allowed TAASC to begin programming. The successful formula to start TAASC in a new community worked.

With over 25 years of adventure and service, TAASC has provided numerous youth and families with remarkable life experiences unrivaled by any other program in the United States and perhaps the world. The main ingredients to success are the year-round nature of the program, Olders mentoring Youngers, the unique activities, and professional outdoor educators running the program. 

TAASC has begun programing in Brevard and the Lake Norman area in early 2022 and has already lead several impactful trips around the South East. With many trips planned for future programming and excitement building within these two communities, current TAASC members look towards the future with excitement

Brevard TAASC has had an incredible start and the students are not only growing more competent with their outdoor skills; A community has begun to form as well. TAASC programs have always offered a space for students to learn outdoor skills, developed their communication and leadership, as well as form meaningful friendships along the way. Brevard TAASC hopes to become an impactful program for the Brevard community. Outdoor adventure can offer any community impactful experiences and TAASC's curriculum continues to teach the safest and most up-to-date practices. 


Our Program

TAASC is committed to providing a safe and welcoming community for all students to learn technical and leadership skills. We focus on providing programming related to climbing, backpacking, caving, kayaking, canoeing, slacklining, juggling, teambuilding, service work, and more. Through these programs and activities, we hope to provide students with remarkable life experiences.

We meet in Brevard weekly on Wednesdays; from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. During meetings, we discuss upcoming trips, program updates, and cover a technical or interpersonal skills lesson. We have 2 each month, throughout the school year, and often have big trips during winter and summer breaks. 

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